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We believe great design starts with an idea. A creative spark fuelled by a sense of curiosity that leads to a new way of finding a solution.

Our mission is to create work that engages customers, inspires loyalty, and sets a new benchmark for what design can deliver.  We ask the hard questions, push for excellence and never settle for the status quo. We understand the harder path can lead to the most exceptional thinking and powerful design work.

Great design is brave, considered and often challenging. It’s the space where visual identity and ideas come together, to shift the way we think and ultimately make the world a better place.

piksel specialises in all elements of design, packaging, brand identity and communications, guided by our innate curiosity and love of strategic thinking. We thrive on transforming commercial challenges into creative opportunities.

We’re not afraid to push and pull things apart, using insights and design knowledge to deepen the resonance and relevance of brands.  We love to work with businesses looking for a different take on their brand, to unlock the potential at the heart of their product.







Ryan piksel
Creative & Managing Director

021 683 040

Ryan piksel. No relation to history’s famous piksel’s, however if you combine the irreverence of Groucho, the deep thinking of Karl and the timeless hair of Richard there’s a strange connection.

As our owner, design leader and creative director, his role is to push the studio towards greatness and keep the imagination flowing. Ryan is internationally renowned for his conceptual thinking and design craftsmanship, which means global briefs, a clutch of design awards and people wanting to pick his brain.

In his down time Ryan is probably still thinking about font kerning and the Pushpin manifesto. However, his true relaxing place is where family time, fishing and beer meet in a beautiful symbiotic union.

Janine Bickerton
General Manager

021 934 295

Every design agency needs a Janine, but you can’t have her, she’s ours! With 25 years of industry experience Janine balances the pragmatism and strategic thinking required to manage a studio with a passion for exceptional design and its environmental impact.

Working closely with the Sustainable Business Network and other industry partners to rethink plastic packaging in Aotearoa. Janine also brings the essential category, consumer and business insights required to ensure our work delivers amazing results for clients.  Alongside driving the growth of the business Janine also gets a lot of satisfaction from seeing the piksel team develop and grow their skills.

Ok, we’ll stop skiting. Downtime for Janine is focussed on good books, culinary creativity and entertaining with friends.

Tristan O’Shannessy
Design Director

Tristan is one of those annoying breed of designers who excel at both the creative thinking and fine tuning elements of the process, making him an essential part of the piksel team. His long career in brand and packaging includes work with some of New Zealand’s most celebrated brands, there’s a high chance his design work is sitting somewhere in your house right now. Go on, take a look.

His role as design director is to oversee, scrutinise and gently push for more while ensuring projects are commercially relevant. No pressure, Tristan. Leisure time revolves around family with a healthy dose of garden pottering.






Working with brands in the packaging and product space, sustainability is incredibly important to us.

We guide brands to make choices that put the environment first and aim to eliminate waste in everything we design.

Our approach to sustainable packaging is to recommend our clients consider both the life cycle and “end of life” when choosing packaging.  We believe a circular economy for all plastics is vital to stop the damaging effects of plastic pollution.  When plastics are kept out of the environment and in the economy via high value recycling & reuse it’s the best possible outcome for all of us.

Elimination of unnecessary packaging and innovating with smart design is something we’re extremely well versed in.  Choosing to use products that can be safely reused, recycled or composted, by understanding how local infrastructure supports the solution. Clear on-pack communications on how to best disassemble, recycle or reuse packaging are our collective responsibility to keep products circulating and out of landfill.

Download our open source packaging stewardship briefing form